Friday, 1 May 2015

Special Requests

I have always believed that close up magic is one of the most powerful forms of entertainment. A good magician should  always strive to enchant, however they can also calm, excite, shock terrify, what ever the moment calls for (I personally prefer to enchant and incite conversations and interest in the world around us and the people there in btw, but I've done all of the the above when requested).

  However a magician offers more than an emotional experience, they can help waiting staff when orders get delays, disseminate information at an event, be watchful for lost children at a festival, they are basically all round problem solvers.

There are times as well though where a special request has to be made of the magician. One such case was last Saturday at "The Mad Catter's Ball"in aid of Poppies Place Animal Rescue, a fantastic animal shelter here in Essex . We were asked to think of a special magic prize to be given away on a sort of tombola wall. 52 envelopes were placed on the wall each with a different playing card on it. Another pack of cards was shuffled and for a fee a member of the public got to pick a card at random. They then get the contents of the envelop with the matching card. Often it was a gift voucher donated by a local store but we were asked to involve magic for 5 of these envelopes.
 Our client suggested a magic trick just for that person. Whilst a good idea we were performing for everyone all night so an extra trick might not have done the job. Then I had an idea, the voucher that says "go and see the magician" could be handed to the magician  who would magically turn it into a free cocktail voucher.

This actually involved a little extra study on my behalf however it was a skill I was planning on learning anyway. The moral here is "Don't be afraid to ask for a special request". However if it involves the magician teleporting  a car or levitating the reception hall with zero notice your magician may be unable to accommodate :)